Vlasta, Bessie, Charles, Adolph, Woodrow @ 1709 Cheston Dr, Jacinto City, TX

My paternal grandparents, Charles F. Frederick and Elizabeth Annie “Bessie” Mazac Frederick, on 12 October 1914, Granger, Williamson County, Texas.

Dedicated to the memory of my Mazac and Frederick relatives, Paternal Aunt Agnes Rainie (Frederick) Christ, Paternal Great Aunt, Vlasta Mary (Mazac) Konecny, my Paternal Grandmother, Elizabeth Annie “Bessie” (Mazac) Frederick, my Paternal Uncle, Charles Frederick, my Paternal Great Uncle, Adolph Konecny, my Paternal Uncle, Woodrow Frederick, at 1709 Cheston Drive, Jacinto City, Texas, 1960. At home of Leroy and Jean (Linderman) Frederick, my parents. I was only six years of age. Courtesy of Paternal Aunt Agnes Rainie (Frederick) Christ, posthumously.

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