Texas Czechs-Joe Patek Orchestra

Retired and Loving it. God has blessed me with a loving Christian family and comfortable home, through all of our hard work. My forced retirement has blessed me with enough time to devote to my family genealogy, which is my favorite hobby, besides being a wife and mother, and the time to write about our beloved nation.
Today my mission in life is to help save our beloved America from the “demons” that plot to destroy her “from within”.

My ancestors came to America, Legally, and they helped to build these United States. Yes, they did build that, Hussein!! They came for freedom of religion, for a better life, and the freedom to live as they chose to, and to NOT be robbed to support the lazy liberals, and entitlement children!

That is what the third world hell holes do ROB people to give to others! We have no where to run to! We MUST fight to save our wonderful home. Stand up, Speak out, and Stop the Communist takeover of our dearly loved America. My Czech-Moravian ancestors said: “KRASNA AMERIKA”!=Beautiful America!


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